MOTORTECH Spark Plug Cleaning Kit

As the current Official Distributor of MOTORTECH products for Spain and Portugal, RS MOTOR shows on its website the “MOTORTECH Spark Plug Cleaning Kit”:

This MOTORTECH kit is supplied by RS MOTOR to clean the spark plugs on the DEUTZ, MWM, Jenbacher and Guascor engines.

The kit includes a wide variety of adapters for using with spark plugs of different metrics. RS MOTOR supplies these kits for DEUTZ, MWM, Jenbacher and Guascor engines, with Denso, Champion, Beru, Motortech … spark plugs installed. The kit can also be used in spark plugs of other brands without any problem, as long as they are without prechamber.

The MOTORTECH spark plug cleaning kit supplied by RS MOTOR, is easy to use and is completely manageable. It comes inside a briefcase that facilitates its transport and protects it at all times from bumps or dirt.

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If you want to get to know our “partner” MOTORTECH better, visit its website.

Como Distribuidores Oficiales de MOTORTECH para España y Portugal, presentamos en esta noticia el “Kit de Limpieza de Bujías MOTORTECH”:

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