Our challenge is to find potential suppliers that will supply products and services that contribute to our commitment to quality and client satisfaction. The criteria and interaction protocols applied for suppliers are intended to ensure adequate levels of quality for the sourced component and proper management of the environmental issues pertinent to the supplier.

The objectives of RS MOTOR corporate policy are:

  • establish relationships with suppliers that offer the best capabilities in terms of innovation, time to market, cost, service and quality (objective “zero defect”) to ensure maximum client satisfaction;
  • seek the lowest total cost of the materials supplied, not simply in terms of cost but also considering the cost of quality, of innovation and of the service, in relation to the performance requested for the sourced product;
  • involve the supplier in its own Environmental Management System to reduce the environmental impact of all the production activities conducted outside its own industrial facilities;
  • establish relationships between RS MOTOR and its suppliers built increasingly on the integrity and discipline of both parties.

RS MOTOR is certified under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, therefore anually we make an evaluation of our homologated suppliers where the contracted products and services are checked by the area manager, following the requirements (quality, documentation, delivery terms, incidents in function of number of ordera, enviromental impact)