Specialist on GUASCOR gas and diesel engines: maintenance, refurbishment and spare parts sales


As a specialized company on DEUTZ/MWM and Jenbacher engines, this time we show you we are also proficient on GUASCOR diesel and gas engines.

«RS Motor» is able to carry out any type of preventive and corrective maintenance on GUASCOR engines (in workshop or “on-site”).

About preventive maintenances, from E1 to R3 (Overhaul), the team of «RS Motor» can solve any issue by using always original spare parts (genuine and OEM).

Thanks to our several years of experience, many customers trust in us to repair any part of their GUASCOR engines.

The refurbishment of cylinder heads, intercoolers, water pumps, starters, con-rods… is our daily labor.

We always try to achieve the best final results thanks to our specific tools. These tools allow to our engineers to shorten the delivery time and to work efficiently and with the maximum precision and accuracy.

Apart of labor on GUASCOR engines, we are able to supply spare parts worldwide respecting always the maximum quality, i.e, with OEM and genuine spare parts.



Specialist on Jenbacher gas engines: maintenance, reconditioning and spare parts sale


Like in DEUTZ/MWM and GUASCOR engines, RS Motor is also specialist on Jenbacher gas engines.

The use of genuine and OEM spare parts and the acquired experience allow us to perform any type of preventive or corrective maintenance whatever the Jenbacher engine type is.

The most common Jenbacher engines we work in our facilities and “on-site” are:

  • Jenbacher type 2 (J208),
  • Jenbacher type 3 (J312, J316 and J320) and
  • Jenbacher type 6 (J612, J616 and J620).

Apart of carrying out maintenances in those type of gas engines, RS Motor is able to refurbish separately each part of the engine (cylinder heads, connecting rods, main oil pumps, water pumps, starters, actuators, heat plate exchangers, intercoolers..) always using OEM and genuine spare parts. We also supply some exchange parts such cylinder heads, con-rods… and many times we can supply Jenbacher shortblocks/longblocks (according to availability).

Finally, and to conclude, we show you some pictures of our works, repairs and regular checks on Jenbacher gas engines. Enjoy them!!!

Labor and spare parts sales on DEUTZ/MWM engines

As a specialized company in DEUTZ/MWM gas engines and DEUTZ diesel engines, we are proud to show to everybody some of the most beautiful pictures we have made during this year.

A good refurbishment of DEUTZ/MWM cylinder heads is vital to extend the life of the engine. For doing it, we always use OEM or genuine spare parts. The same happens with oil coolers, con-rods, intercoolers, and other parts of the engine.

Moreover, thanks to our experience, we can offer to the customer in a short delivery time assembled shortblocks/longblocks TBG620, TBG620K, TCG2020, TCG2020K, TCG616, TCG616K, TCG2016, TCG2016K… whatever the number of cylinders the engine of the customer has.

The shortblock/longblock (even engine) exchange program of RS Motor can reduce until 80-90% the execution time of the Overhaul.

Like in cylinder heads, the use of OEM or genuine spare parts is also conceived when we build DEUTZ/MWM shortblocks/longblocks/engines.

Apart of the previous engine models, we also are specialized in DEUTZ/MWM TBG632 and TCG2032. RS Motor is currently working on a power plant reopening in Spain. For doing that, the team of RS Motor is carrying out 4x E70 maintenances (Overhaul) “on-site” at the same time.

For such big project, we have refurbished in our workshop 64 cylinder heads, 64 cylinder jackets, we recontitioned 64x con-rods as well, and many more.

So if you want a quality repair with original parts and with the best quality, call RS Motor wherever your power plant is.

We are able to perform any labor in any DEUTZ/MWM engine using OEM and genuine parts in our full equipped workshop or “on-site” thanks to our experience and knowledge.

Rremembering our assistance to EMAF 2018 (Porto)


Some pictures of RS Motor’s first exhibition at EMAF, Porto (Portugal). Just a year ago we were together with our Portuguese neighbors exhibiting Jenbacher type 3 and Jenbacher type 4 cylinder heads, in addition to a Jenbacher type 3 intercooler.

In addition, we showed to the attendees a DEUTZ TBG616V8K engine with Motortech equipment:

  • Motortech spark plugs,
  • Motortech ignition cables,
  • Motortech Varifuel mixing system and
  • MIC Ignition box.

Apart from that, we showed several of the products and actuators from Heinzmann like the Heinzmann STG30, Heinzmann STG40, Heinzmann STG2080

Regarding DEUTZ / MWM spare parts, there were TBG620 / TCG2020, TBG616 / TCG2016 intercoolers and TBG616, TCG2016, TBG620, TCG2020 both new and exchange.

The previous elements shared a stand with the AVAT control system, the company responsible for the development of TEM-Evo in MWM engines. Being our “Certified System Partner”, we are completely able to carry out both replacements and updates (Retrofit) with the AVAT’s wide range of products and RS Motor’s experience since more than 10 years.

Finally, we would like to thank everyone who visited us at the fair again, and we hope that in case of returning to it, they will see us now and as new customers.

Trade of gas engines spare parts



RS MOTOR as specialist on the trade of gas engines spare parts and on the gas engine maintenance, recommends the use of high quality industrial spark plugs. We have a wide range of spark plugs adapted to each engine and gas (Natural Gas, Biogas, Special Gases…)

On J-shape spark plugs, we trade specially with DENSO spark plugs, CHAMPIONS spark plugs and BERU spark plugs. To gas engines:

  • MWM TCG2016,
  • MWM TBG616,
  • MWM TCG2020 and
  • MWM TBG620

running with biogas, we recommend the use of the spark plugs DENSO GL3-5.

To gas engines:

  • Guascor FGLD180,
  • Guascor FGLD240,
  • Guascor FGLD360 and
  • Guascor FGLD480,

we recommend DENSO GI3-3 spark plugs.

Combining the use of this spark plugs with a proper maintenance, checking the high tensión lead voltaje with the Spark View from MOTORTECH and a periodic cleaning with the Spark Plug Cleaning Kit from MOTORTECH the cycles of the spark plug will be even longer.

Today and during next three days, we will be in the show HEAT&POWER

RS Motor in the show HEAT&POWER

Good morning everybody from Moscow. Today and during next three days, we will be in the show HEAT&POWER in Moscow. Join us in our booth C517 in pavillion 1 of CROCUS EXPO, there you will see on first hand the solutions of RS MOTOR in the service of engines MWM and JENBACHER. We will be with our colleagues of AVAT, the creator and manufacturer of the TEM-Evo system.

We will be waiting for you!!!

RU: Добрый день всем из Москвы! Сегодня и в течении следующих трёх дней мы будем находиться на московской выставке HEAT &POWER.

Приходите на наш стенд С 517, расположенный в Павильоне 1 в CROCUS EXPO, где вы сможете из первых рук узнать о решениях, которые предлагает RS Motor для обслуживания газовых двигателей MWM и Jenbacher.

Также с нами на стенде будут находиться наши партнёры из компании AVAT, разработчики и производители TEM- Evo.

Ждём Вас на нашем стенде!